Super Caffeinated

4 shot drinks

Deathbed • Double Shot Espresso over Ice.  Further packed with ice to shock and melt the espresso, w/ Lavender, & Toddy. Topped with half n' half

Harvest moon • Quad Shot Nutmeg Infused Espresso, Pumpkin, Hazelnut, Sweetened Milk, Melange Spice, & Clove/Cardamom 

High Priestess • Quad Shot Espresso, Melange Spice, White Chocolate, & Coconut. Blue Curacao Drizzle

ice Cold Corpse • iced Quad Shot Espresso, OBSCENE amount of Caramel. 

Safe House • iced Quad Shot Espresso, Mango, Orange, Chocolate,  & Sweetened Milk. Layered. 

Unicorn Snot • Quad Shot Espresso, White Chocolate, Strawberry, Rose, & Cupcake 

Zombie Defender • Quad Shot Espresso & "Zombie" Syrup

6 shot drinks

  •The Grave Robber6 shots Espresso & Hazelnut (Only 2ooz) 

Mate Infused Shots

Death drive • Double Shot Mate Infused Espresso, Lavender, & Toddy. Iced

Caff in the Brain • Double Shot Mate Infused Espresso, & Lapsang Souchong Syrup. Latte

Red Scare • Double Shot Mate Infused Espresso, Raspberry, Irish Cream, & Ginger. Latte

The Bohemian • Double Shot Mate Infused Espresso, Peach, Amaretto, Raspberry, & Ginger.  Latte


Mate + Toddy + Espresso


Death wish • Double Espresso, "Zombie" Syrup, Iced Mate, & Iced Toddy.(Only 2ooz)  

Iced Roasted Mate Energy Drinks (tea)


Falcon Punch • Ginger Beer, Vanilla & Mate


Life Essence •  Mate, Vanilla, & Coconut Milk

The governator •  Mate, Strawberry & Lemon Pellegrino 

evening Bird •  Mate & Spearmint Tea, Strawberry, Lemon Wedge, & Lemon Pellegrino

Leland Palmer •  Mate, Coconut, Blue Curacao, Lemon Wedge,  & Lemon Pellegrino

nilbog •  Mate, Coconut, Root Beer, "Splash" Coconut Milk, & Orange Pellegrino 

You're the worst •  Mate, Orange, Mango, Coconut, Lime Wedge, & Grapefruit (Pomello) Pellegrino 

Espresso + Soda


caffeinated coke • Bottle Coca Cola, Vanilla, Cherry,  & Double Shot Espresso on top

Goblin King • Bottle Coca Cola, Lavender, White Chocolate, Amaretto, & Double Shot Lavender Infused Espresso on top

Queen of the Damned • Bottle Coca Cola, Rose, Coconut, Vanilla, Coconut Milk, & Double Masala & Rose Infused Espresso

Ja.Col.Antern • Bottle Coca Cola, Pumpkin, "Zombie" Syrup, Caramel, & Double Shot Cinnamon Infused Espresso on top 

Chum Bucket • Bottle Coca Cola, Raspberry, Irish Cream, & Double Shot Espresso on top

Poly Juice potion • Bottle Ginger Beer, Honey, Peach, Chocolate, Creme de Mente, Coconut Milk, & Double Shot Rosemary Infused Espresso on top