Spicy Espresso

#BLessed Double Shot Espresso, Ghost Pepper Syrup, Pumpkin Spice,                           Spicy Kola Nut, & Eggnog w/ dry Masala Spice                     "Basic bitches love it."

Big red rocket of love Double Shot Espresso, Chocolate,                     Cherry, "pinch" of Cayenne & Cinnamon

Bride of Chucky Double Shot Espresso, White Chocolate, Strawberry,              Marshmallow, w/ Mayan & Chipotle Spices

Chacha-la-ca Latte • Orange, Vanilla, Coffee Liquor Flavor, Rosemary w/ a heavy dusting of Black Pepper & Steamed w/ Toddy. 

Cthulhu Brew • Double Shot Espresso, Chocolate, Dark Cacao Powder, Honey, & Cayenne

CucuyDouble Shot Espresso, Mango, Cupcake, Orange, & Mayan Spice

DiabloDouble Shot Espresso, Chocolate, Dark Cacao Powder, Honey, Red Velvet, Black Salt, & Ghost Pepper Syrup. 
                                                                        "Tastes like fire and brimstone"​

Dionysus  • Double Shot Espresso, Honey, Coconut, & Habanero Syrup. Breve style. 

fuck the what?!  • Double Shot Black Pepper & Rosemary Infused Espresso, Honey, Dark Cacao powder,  "Dash" of Clove, "Dash" of Black Salt

Lake Placid  • Double Shot  Lapsang Souchong Infused Espresso, Peach, Zombie, & Habanero Syrup. 

Lilith  • Double Shot Espresso, Rose, Raspberry, Amaretto, Red Velvet, & Habanero Syrup w/ Chocolate

Mayan Mocha  • Double Shot Espresso, Mayan Spices, Ibarra Chocolate, Chocolate, Vanilla Syrup & Cinnamon.  

Moonmist  • Double Shot Espresso, White Chocolate & Masala Spice.

OOloi  • Double Shot Sage Infused Espresso, White Chocolate, Creme de Menthe, Spicy Kola Nut,  w/ a "Splash" of Almond Syrup.

Peachy qween  • Double Shot Espresso, Peach, Caramel, White Chocolate, Habanero Syrup w/ a "Dash" of Amaretto, & "Shake" of Cinnamon

Poison Ivy  • Double Shot Lavender & Black Pepper Infused Espresso, Dark Cacao Powder, Lavender & Coconut, w/ "Pinch" of Cayenne & Black Salt.  

Skin Changer  • Double Shot Espresso, Lavender, Blackberry, Honey, & Masala Spice.

Son of the Beast  • Double Shot Espresso, Caramel, Coffee Liquor, Rum Syrup, & Mayan Spice

Stormy chai • Double Shot Espresso, Chai Tea, Sweet Heat, & Bitters

Darling  • Double Shot Black Pepper Infused Espresso, Strawberry, Vanilla, & Ghost Pepper Syrup