Soda & Iced

mulder, it's me. •   Orange Pellegrino, Rose, Cupcake & Coconut Milk


n@ruto •   Ginger Beer, Marshmallow, Mango, & Zen Green Iced Tea

Audrey Horne. •   Grenadine, Lavender, Blackberry, Ghost Pepper Syrup, Lime Wedge & Coconut Milk w/ Soda Water


Bangerang •   Coconut, Mango, Coffee Liquor Syrup, & Soda Water w/ Whip Cream & Sprinkles

Ent Mead •   Coconut, Zen Iced Green Tea, Root beer, Cinnamon, & Soda Water


fat & Sassy •   Creme de Banana, Coconut, Irish Cream, Soda Water, & Mandatory Cream & Whip. Hella Whip & Hella Sprinkles

Fern Gully •   Mango, Butterscotch, Lime, Soda Water, Lime Wedge, & Coconut Milk

Final Petal •   Soda w/ White Peach, Rose, & Ghost Pepper Syrup

Grave Blossom •   Earl Grey Iced Tea, Rose, Earl Grey Syrup, Cream, & Soda Water. Lemon Wedge on Request

Mauve (AF)•   Cherry, Coconut, Soda Water, & Almond Milk


Midnight Margarita •   Creme de Menthe, Coconut, Lime Wedge, Coconut Milk, & Soda Water

Nuka Cola •   
Cane Sugar Coca Cola, Cinnamon, Spicy Kola Nut, & Ghost Pepper Syrup


Ryncol •   Spicy Kola Nut, Creme de Menthe & Soda Water. 

sparkle motion •   Irish Cream, "Zombie" Syrup, 4 Shots Toddy, & Soda Water. Cream & Whip on demand.  

Team edward •   Double  Shot of Espresso, Lavender, & Soda Water

The Blizzard •   
Vanilla, Irish Cream, Cream de Menthe, & Soda Water

The White Seal •   Creme de Menthe, Blue Curacao, Soda Water, & Red Velvet Drizzle. Layered

Ursula •   Blueberry, Lime, Coconut Milk, Soda water, & Coconut Drizzle