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Our menu ranges from standard brewed coffee, espresso beverages, tea and tea lattes, hot chocolate and italian sodas to the incredibly unique creations crafted by our lovely baristas over the years. Additional creations are featured on rotating special menus. Vegan options that don't sacrifice creativity are our forte. We roast our coffee here in Olympia, WA and focus on sourcing fair trade and organic beans. 


We carry a variety of vegan and vegetarian light fare and baked goods. You can enjoy goodies from (newly cooperatized) Blue Heron Bakery, and vegan empanadas courtesy of Alfajores Olympia. We also offer vegan soup cups and chips.


Our merch includes stickers and pins, as well as wearables printed in Olympia by KJR Print. We also stock a selection of our coffee beans from various origins in a few roasts, whole or ground. You can purchase these items at Burial Grounds in person or online here. Our beans are also available for purchase at the Olympia Food Co-op West & the Gull Harbor Mercantile!

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