Coffee matters

why we care...

We like coffee.
Coffee may seem simple, but it isn't just a caffeinated cup of joy, it's a communal meeting beverage, a coping mechanism, and sometimes a life saver. So, maybe when we say we like coffee, what we are actually saying is, we like people.

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Burial Grounds is a coffee shop community.

It is the mission of Burial Grounds to provide a welcoming environment to anyone who walks through the door. We strive to remain a safe place for those looking to indulge in a specialty espresso drink or hand crafted coffee house beverage. We focus on customer service, mutual respect and a community mentality.

That said, we have been around since 2010 and plan to stay in Olympia Washington until the coffee runs dry. 

I had some coffee
The spro washes away pain
The burial grounds


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