Burial Grounds Coffee Collective is seeking to bring a new worker into our cooperative!.pn


Burial Grounds Coffee Collective wants to bring a new member into our cooperative!
We are a worker-owned cafe dedicated to supporting our community and serving the best quality specialty espresso drinks and handcrafted beverages. See below for the job description and how to apply! We will be accepting applications until Monday, July 19th and you can expect to hear back from us by Monday July 26th.

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Job Description

Burial Grounds Coffee Collective is a collectively owned and operated business. The first 90 days of employment with BG is considered a probationary period. After your first 90 days, a performance review will be conducted, and you will either be asked to stay on as a worker-owner, or asked to find other employment. After completion of their 90 day probationary period, Worker-Owners will join the Board of Directors, and become eligible for officer positions should they be interested.

Skills Needed & Preferred Experience

  • Cash handling experience

  • Familiarity with customer service

  • Can operate a computer--we can teach you or point you towards resources for specific programs if necessary.

  • No barista experience required--we will teach you!

  • Ability to receive and incorporate performance feedback

  • Ability to work as part of a group 

  • Ability to work collectively, without the need for a managerial hierarchy. This is harder than it sounds!

  • The ability to take initiative on tasks, to ask yourself “What can I contribute?” rather than just waiting to be assigned tasks. 

  • A driver’s license is preferred, but your own vehicle not required


Expected Tasks and Duties:
Worker-Owners of Burial Grounds Coffee Collective are expected to:

  • Make and serve drinks and food up to collectively set standards

  • Keep all work spaces clean and organized to strict health department standards

  • Deliver customer service from a place of mutual respect for the customer, the self, and other folks in the space--this includes de-escalating upset people, and asking them to leave when necessary. We do not believe that the customer is always right, nor that the employee must always suffer their abuse.

  • Engage in front-line community service work with empathy, patience, and respect. Examples include (but are not limited to):

    • Directing underhoused folks to community resources

    • Coordinating community outreach

    • Distributing donated goods (such as our pay-it-forward coffees and soups)

  • Participate in admin and operations work necessary for the co-op. Examples include (but are not limited to):

    • Participate in weekly collective decision making meetings

    • Shop “chores”, like shopping and laundry

    • Taking your turn making the schedule

  • Keep track of keys, and securely manage sensitive business information

  • Be available to regularly and constructively communicate with your fellow workers outside of your scheduled shifts - including communicating your own boundaries around communication styles and availability.



  • Barista shifts: $13.69/hr, +tips 

  • Administrative/Operations work: $15.00/hr


To apply: Please email your resume and a cover letter to burialgroundscoop@gmail.com with APPLICATION in the subject line. Your cover letter should address 2 of the 3 following questions, and should be no longer than 1 page (double spaced):

  • What excites or concerns you about non-hierarchical collective ownership and management?

  • What role do you see a community space like ours playing in Olympia as it grows and changes, and how do you want to be involved in that role?

  • What do you think you and Burial Grounds have to offer each other?


Don't forget to put "APPLICATION" in the subject line of your email, or it will miss our filter and will not be received.