Floral Espresso


Posh Spice Latte • Double Shot Espresso, Vanilla, Rose, All Spice, w/ Whip & Sprinkles 

#Wypipo • Double Shot Espresso, ICED, Rose, Orange, Marshmallow, Vanilla. Zen Green & Mate Iced Tea

A rose for emily • Double Shot Rose Infused Espresso, Rose, Amaretto, Almond Rocca 

Aureliano • Double Shot Espresso, Chocolate, Rose, Mango, & a "Pinch" of Masala Spice

betelgeuse •Double Shot Rosemary Infused Espresso, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Dark Cacao Powder

Black lodge • Double Shot Rose & Black Pepper Infused Espresso, Chocolate, White Chocolate, Raspberry. Zig-Zag drizzle. 

Briar rose • Double Shot Espresso, Caramel, Rose, & White Chocolate

coffee price • Double Shot Earl Grey Infused Espresso, Rose & Creme de Cacao

coffin flowers • Double Shot Rose & Lavender Infused Espresso, ICED, Rose, Lavender, Sweetened Milk, & Toddy. Breve Style. 

dragonaught • Double Shot Rose Infused Espresso, Rose, Creme de Cacao, Dark Cacao Powder, w/ a "Splash" of Toddy 


glass coffin • Double Shot Espresso, Rose, White Chocolate, Amaretto, & Butterscotch 


heart breaker • Double Shot Espresso, White Chocolate, Almond, Blackberry & Rose

glass rose • Double Shot Rose & Black Pepper Infused Espresso, Rose, Sweetened Milk, Almond, & Ghost Pepper Syrup 

Lenore • Double Shot Espresso, Rose, Vanilla, & White Chocolate w/ Cinnamon


Persephone • Double Shot Lapsang Souchong Infused Espresso, Rose, Lavender, & Creme de Cacao

psyche in a dress • Toddy Steamer w/ Hazlenut, Rose, White Chocolate, Blackberry, Ibarra, & Cinnamon. 

Queen bee • Double Shot Clove Infused Espresso, White Chocolate, Rose, Amaretto, Honey, topped w/ Cayenne & Rose Petals


She fucking let go, jack • Toddy Steamer w/ Rose, Lapsang Souchong, Blackberry, Irish Cream & Chocolate

Teardrop • Double Shot Rosemary Infused Espresso, White Chocolate, Lavender, & Blackberry

Telltale Heart• Double Shot Espresso, Cherry, Rose, Hazelnut, Caramel, & Cinnamon

ragdoll • Double Shot Espresso, Pumpkin, Rose, White Chocolate, Caramel, Masala & "Pinch" of Black Salt 

the rococo • Double Shot Espresso, White Chocolate, Ibarra, Chocolate, Rose, Vanilla, & Dark Cacao Powder

up all day • Hot Toddy Chocolate w/ steamed Marshmallow Rose Milk on top in addition to Whip & Sprinkles 


your mom! • Double Shot Espresso, White Chocolate, Lavender, & Peach


Amethyst • Double Shot  Lavender Infused Espresso, Blueberry, Lavender, & Spicy Kola Nut w/ Habanero Syrup


Antigone • Double Shot Lavender Infused Espresso, White Chocolate, Lavender, Amaretto, Random Stuff, & Dark Cacao Powder


deathbed • QUAD Shot Lavender Infused Espresso,  Lavender, Toddy,
Breve Style, 20oz only


Ketracel White • Double Shot Espresso, ICED, White Chocolate, Lavender, Mint, "Splash" of Lemon. Shaker. 


earth seed • Double Shot Espresso, Root Beer, Laspang Souchong, Lavender, Ghost Pepper Syrup, & a "Dot" of Chocolate

toy poodle • Double Shot Espresso, Irish Cream, Blackberry, Lavender, Creme de Cacao & a "Pinch" of Masala


Unicorn Snot • QUAD Shot Espresso, Strawberry, Rose, White Chocolate, & Cupcake